The Gorgeous, Talented and Hardworking Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry, standing at 5’6” (168cm), is a 26years old fitness model born on June, 14th 1994, from Minneapolis. She comes from a multi-ethnic background, with her family having African American, Native American, Swedish and Russian ancestry.

Over two decades, Derrick Anthony Henry, her father, was a professional bodyguard who provided security to the entertainment industry. Elise has two sisters; Tanaya and Gabrielle. Tanaya is also a model and an actress. Elise graduated from the Desert Mountain High School, Arizona.

She is a self-made individual who was a full-time nanny before becoming a professional fitness model and an online personal trainer. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in a cheerleading squad group where she gained her skills and became a fitness icon.

Elise considers herself lucky and always grateful to her mother, who has played a vital part in her career. Her mother offered guidance, became a personal coach, and nutritionist until she attained the perfect body physique she wanted for herself.

Elise’s determination and handwork have motivated a lot of her followers through her social platforms and clients, hence encouraging people to eat healthily and lead a healthy life. Being a celebrity fitness model has broadened her clientele base, and due to that, she extended her fitness lesson to an online platform.

Online provided a good decision for her to become a successful fitness entrepreneur. Because of her massive followers on her Instagram account over 7million plus and her beauty, she has featured in a lot of adverts and endorsements of fitness and supplement brands and some social events like EHPLabs, Body Power Expo, and Joe Weider’s to name a few.

She has a perfect body, and due to her beauty she has several tattoos on her body, across on the back of her neck labeled, “Blessed” and on her right hip she a quote by Emme Woodhull- Bache on her left side of the rib cage that reads, “Thorns and Stings And those such Stings Just make stronger our Angels Wings.” Luckily she is currently dating a basketball player Tyler Hero from mid-2019. You can keep following her on Instagram @katyaelisehenry

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