Irina Meier – Cosplayer beauty from Ukraine

Cosplayer Irina Meier was born on January 12, 1997, in Odessa Ukraine. She has over gained fame on Instagram over the years and has become quite influencial on it. As a cosplayer, her popularity has grown through her middle earth themes and superhero designs which are her signature.

The talented beauty creates and constructs her designs which shows how much she is blessed and in love with it. She is a beauty and brains who was raised in Odessa Ukraine, and her parents raised her well to be a person who follows her dreams. She has always been a dream chaser, and at a very young age, modeling as a cosplayer become a passion she would love and made a career out of.

Through her influence on Instagram, she has been able to gain over 830 thousand followers, and her account verified. Her Instagram page is a success story she can truly boast about as it is a complete portfolio for her beauty.

She posts mainly her cosplay modeling pictures which are a beauty to admire and her perfect curves and undoubtedly stunning. Over the years through her influence, she has become a brand ambassador for brands such as Cyber Punk 2077, Alice Nevermind Art and many more. She is also in love with travel, and through her highlights, on her Instagram page, she has a whole edit on destinations she has been to. About her personal life, she has been able to maintain a low profile about it. Nothing is known about her dating life which she is comfortable about it and veers of from.

As a cosplayer model, she is in love with the whole idea of being a gaming character as per her page and loves art done of it. She also has a website as part of marketing herself as a brand. On her website, she sells membership packages which have been a fortune for her through picture photoshoots which her fan demand.

Lately she was subjected to two weeks quarantine which she had no trouble about. She made it through and her latest post she said she was waiting for it to be over so that she may travel to another city which she was yearning for. You can keep following her on Instagram @irine_meier

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