Fitness beauty Maria Villalba

Maria Villalba is a fitness model who has grown famous over the years and made quite a career out of it. She was born on December 4th 1991 in Caracas Venezuela and has over the years embraced fitness as her fulltime job. Apart from being a fitness model, the talented beauty is also a professional trainer which has seen her help quite a number with her knowledge and skill in her venture.

The gorgeous beauty has accomplished a lot through fitness including multiple awards from various competitions she has contested for. She is also qualified as a fitness trainer through the International Fitness Association, gained a certificate of IAC coaching and many more.

Her fame grew over the years through social media when she began posting her dream body after a five years tireless workout. She followed a strict diet and still is quite cautious about what she takes since her fitness is her wellbeing.

She then attracted a massive following online, and people started appreciating her workouts and results seen in her beautiful fitness body. As time went by, she felt the urge also to help others accomplish their fitness goals, and that’s why she started of offering her services as a professional trainer and made quite a career out of it.

She adheres to a low carbohydrate diet and consumes up to 6-8 meals per day. It helps her keep her metabolism and fat burning potential high and seen her gain from it quite evidently. Her undoubted beauty is evident on her Instagram page, which has quite a following online.

She has been able to gunner up to 120 thousand plus followers, and her primary feeds are on her fitness body. She is never shy about flaunting her perfect curves even in a bikini body as she has the perfect body for it.

Curiosity has always been posed about her dating status, which she has prefered to keep out of the limelight. She is said to be single since no source can confirm about her seeing anyone and is quite a gaze. You can keep following her on Instagram @themariavillalbas

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