7 Famous Personalities With a Unique Skin Colour

Everyone is unique in their own away. Indeed, even identical twins have features that set them apart. Here are amazing people who have owned up their different skin tones and colors and are positively influencing the world, by encouraging acceptance of skin diversity.

Connie Chou – @aneveningbreeze

Connie Chui is a singer and model who was born in Hong Kong. Connie is the only child out of four born with albinism. Growing up, her sisters instilled confidence in her after encountering an Albino lady who was slim and confident in herself. After pursuing further studies in arts and journalism in Sweden, Connie embarked on her fashion modeling profession. She began working with the world-acclaimed designer Paul Gaultier.

Juggling her modeling and jazz music performances, Connie always encourages other people with albinism to believe in themselves. She also includes it is okay to make mistakes, as it is a life learning process.

Nikia Phoenix – @nikiaphoenix

Nikia Phoenix is a brand ambassador in the modeling world for people with freckles on their skin. Identifying the difference in her skin at four years created a focus for bullies to intimidate her. However, Phoenix grew to appreciate herself and love the type of skin she has, as s black woman with freckles.

Nikia has always encouraged others to accept their skin and become proud of who they are. She has become an internet sensation, even being a showcase in Coca-Cola campaigns.

Winnie Harlow – @winnieharlow

Winnie Harlow, a Canadian model, found her breakthrough through America’s next top model. Her vitiligo appearance became an instant appreciation for Tyra Banks, who later invited her to the show. Gracing several world-class magazines like Glamour, Winnie is the face of Design Casual wear teaming up with Adriana Lima.

Ava Clarke – @theavaclarke

Ava Clarke is a young blonde, a blue-green eyed model who is not confined by the limitations of albinism. Even making an appearance in Beyonce’s album lemonade, Ava owns her personality with striking confident poses behind the camera. She has appearances in world-class fashion magazines like Vogue and Denim.

Khoudia Diop – @melaniin.goddess

Khoudia is also known as the melanin goddess. Khoudia Diop, born in Senegal, is a dark skin beauty queen who overcame childhood bullying to become a force to reckon with in the fashion world.

She also participates in the colored girl agency that celebrates the beauty of skin diversity. Additionally, Khoudia always encourages people to accept their uniqueness and never to change to resemble other people.

Anastasia Zhidkova – @kiker_chan

Anastasia Zhidkova is a Russian-born albino model who has truly made great strides in changing Russia’s fashion industry. Nastya started her fashion modeling career through personating Japanese anime roles. Born in 1996, Nastya is also a talented singer.

Lola Chuil – @typicalblackmum

Lola Chuil is often referred to as a young top fashion model Tyra Banks when growing up. The coal-black skin toned girl with attractive lips and eyes speaks eight languages. Lola encourages other people to always fight for their dreams. Additionally, she emphasizes irrespective of their skin color and obstacles along the way; they should always aim to be themselves.

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